We at DOCTORS + NURSES strongly believe that fulfilling care and medical aid can only be provided by employees who are satisfied with their job.
That is what makes us unique.

DOCTORS + NURSES is specialised in doctors and nursing staff as well as therapists and assistants. As an agency for medical professionals, we focus on secondment, direct hiring as well as the placement of freelancers.

The founding team in Germany has many years of professional experience in various career paths as well as an international background. Some of us have worked in the medical area for many years and others in business management and in the legal field. Therefore, we maintain good contacts to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

In other words, we have a deep knowledge of the structure and workaday life in hospitals as well as the people who work there.

But we are not only focussing on the German market! DOCTORS + NURSES is globally on the lookout for medical specialists who would like to work in Germany and are also needed here. For us ut is a big help to dispose over intensive connections to our home countries such as the Philippines, Poland, Ukraine or Russia.

Thanks to our own background, we speak the local languages and know the mentality of those countries very well. This fact gives us a huge competitive edge and benefits.

We use these experiences, contacts and ideas to help tackle the shortage of medical specialists in Germany and give the society something back.

DOCTORS + NURSES works for me.